April 20, 2008

Horrible mistakes.

The following is an edited version of Kenneth's message to a friend that I (Barbara) am including in Kenneth's blog, because I found it most relevant as to what Kenneth and others are faced with.

A couple of weeks ago, Kenneth was headed out to go meet with the staff of a hospital that we accidentally rocketed five days earlier. Kenneth reported that

"unlike the criminal insurgent groups who purposefully seek to injure civilians, we try hard not to do so, but sometimes mistakes are made. This time we killed four Iraqi policemen in the process. Very tragic, and of course in the current context of high emotions amidst escalated fighting, very capable of stirring emotions. Within less than one week, however, the US military will have made condolence payments to the families and we are making plans to cover the cost of repairs. The US has a good track record in dealing with this kind of problem.

It was a long and tiring day. In addition to meeting with all the hospital reps, I was asked to address the Provincial Council on the same issue and there was an emotional (for them) Q and A session."
Kenneth wrote the above wondering if he would return, and because he wanted to have it noted.

Posted by Barbara Dillon Hillas

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