May 16, 2009

Three in Convoy Killed Near Al-Hillah

Below is an AFP report on a May 14 attack on a convoy that sadly resulted in the loss of three persons working as USG contractors. Fortunately, several colleagues in the convoy escaped injury.

Briton, two Iraqis killed in bomb blast (AFP, May 15)

HILLA, May 15, 2009 (AFP) - A British employee of a private security firm and two Iraqi guards were killed by a roadside bomb that hit their convoy south of Baghdad, US and Iraqi officials said on Friday.

The convoy was struck just outside the city of Hilla on Thursday night, a statement from the US military said.

"The car was completely destroyed in the attack in the Nile district, north of Hilla," Lieutenant Karim Qasim of the Iraqi army said.

Neither military provided details of the convoy or the name of the company employing the guards.

Nearly 100,000 guards work for private security firms in Iraq, many of them British.

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