March 3, 2008

The milair flight today was cancelled...

...leaving me a day to do tourism in Amman. Jerash, about 40 mins north of Amman, is the ancient Roman city of Gerasa, which started as the Greek city (!) of Philadelphia. Beautiful ruins, to which the post card I bought does not do justice. (The photo shows Hadrian's Arch). I went there together with two other persons -- both lawyers from State's Legal Advisor's Office -- who are transiting also through Amman to Baghdad.

I wonder at times about spending nearly one and one half year in a place like Babil. That is just one year less than my total time in Warsaw!

I leave very early tomorrow morning - 3:15am. I may miss the first day of the PRT conference -- the reason for my hurried departure from DC -- if I don't get a helo from BIAP (Baghdad Airport) to the IZ.

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