March 4, 2008

Now, some Baghdad observations...

The guy next to me in the ***Cafe, which has a bank of computer terminals is compulsively wiping down his keyboard before using it. Some folks probably fixate on the threats they can deal with as a way of making themselves feel in control. For those of us who long ago recognized that life is like riding a wave, Baghdad presents fewer problems.

We had an interesting session with Gen. Petraeus today. He talks a lot about separating the irreconcilables from the reconcilables amongst the pro-insurgent community. I want us to do more outreach....I like to get out and work with host country officials. These are just a bit different in that they may be thinking about doing you in.

The level of violence country wide is at the lowest levels since early 2004, and nearly half of all the attacks last month occured in the Province of Nineveh, and even there the level of violence has dropped in recent weeks. Anyway, I have an appointment on Sunday (an Iraqi work day) or Monday with the Provincial Governor, as well as the Brigade and Battalion Commanders with whom our PRT is partnered.

The amazing thing for me is that it seems like everytime I walk down a hallway in Saddam's old Palace, I run into someone I know.

I will get a phone tomorrow!

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