June 9, 2008

As they say in Maine, Ye Cahn't Gi' Thar Frahm Heer...

Well, it looked like we were going to fly out of here this morning, but the military cancelled our plane to meet other requirements. That left 70 Chief-of-Mission personnel (non-military) for the second day in a row scrambling to change their onward travel plans. After finding out about our situation , the Embassy is trying to get us a plane. These flights are contracted by the State Dept to move COM personnel personnel in and out of Baghdad, but the military diverted the aircraft for a higher priority -- something that is rarely done. Its tough on the morale of those who are hoping to begin R&R or are ending their tour and have travel commitments. We are all hoping that the Embassy is able to resolve the problem and that we'll be able to fly out soon. We have apparently set a record for staying the longest in this transient compound (Sully) of any group in recent memory trying to fly out. If we don't fly out tomorrow, we have been told the whole mission may be scrubbed, and we will be sent back to the IZ to start over again the process of booking new milair reservations. At that point, it would be doubtful that I would make it back to Warsaw in time for the June 14 good-bye barbeque or perhaps even for our flight to the US on June 17. One has to book a milair reservation more than four days in advance notice and the flights often fill up several weeks in advance. Sorry for the bad news, and to leave the family with so much uncertainty. We may have word this evening about a flight tomorrow. Inshallah.

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