June 8, 2008

Maybe onwards to Warsaw...

We made it to Sully compound at Baghdad Int'l Airport (BIAP) just before 3am. We made the trip (about 40 mins) in a large armored bus, called the Rhino, that does shuttle runs between the IZ and BIAP. (Its called the Rhino because, for some at least, it has a similar appearance. I got a room (shared) at Sully and slept for two and one-half hours. Then arose for the 6:30am check-in, when we learned that the flight had been cancelled due to the duststorm. The flight has been rescheduled for the morning of June 11, weather permitting. One guy who rode on the Rhino was relating how he had been stuck at BIAP for four days due to weather. It's not something I like to think about. There isn't much to do here other than read, sleep, watch movies, and do some work on the computer.

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